Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Essential Tips For Business Cards

1. A cards layout should provide more details than simply a variety. Include a few words about what your organization does.

2. If you position a huge purchase for publishing cards, the cost for each cards is considerably reduced, so make the transaction for a larger quantity.

3. Although cards can be produced at your home by using a printer, it is preferable to get them printed by a professional publishing press to create a good first impression.

4. Invest in acquiring a professionally designed company logo with a company logo designer or artist before you make the transaction for your cards.

5. It is essential for every serious company to have a website, so develop a website by a web design company and print the URL on your cards.

6. Use updated details in the cards. If there is a change in your workplace address or variety, purchase new cards immediately with the publishing press.

7. The cards should look very simple yet sophisticated. Avoid using a huge variety of fonts or a lot of details.

8. Select the dimension your cards according to the standard practices adopted by the region you work in. The standard cards dimension in the US is 3.5 x 2, while cards in Europe are generally larger.

9. A cards is a reflection of its owner; therefore, use you must colours appropriately, according to your profession.

10. To develop your company branding, your cards must have a format and graphics similar to those that are used for your stationery.

11. The details on the cards should be easily readable, which can be done very conveniently, if you use a dark and light contrast for the background and the text.

12. The company's company brand name and the owner's name should be the first prominent details on the cards.

13. All other details should be printed in a relatively smaller font dimension but should be easy to read.

14. Always have your cards available at hand, whether you are in your car, the workplace or at home. Carry a few in your wallet at all times.

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